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A wide spectrum of activities, Interactive digital classrooms, colorful ergonomically designed furniture, spacious child-friendly classrooms, internet facilities, well-equipped state of the art laboratories and a well-stocked library provide the necessary ambiance for pleasurable and stress-free learning. The nutritious lunch and snacks carefully planned by dieticians based on traditional ingredients give the Vijay Vikasians the health and energy to make use of all the facilities offered at our ultra-modern yet eco-friendly campus.

Experience Education Not Just Learning
Vijay Vikas International School

Benefits of Clobas

CLOBAS helps & supports the unique needs of any educational institution in administering and streamlining their day-to-day functions in an effective manner and is highly user friendly, customizable and configurable with several handy reports.

App Features

  • Instant communication among its stakeholders (via the web, e-mail and SMS).
  • Improves productivity, as it is accessible from anywhere anytime simultaneously by all users.
  • Quick decision-making is now possible with a full set of data availability 24/7.
  • Significant cost savings as it leads to a paperless campus (Go Green Initiative).
  • Knowledge Enrichment as a learning platform is made available virtually and free of cost.!!
  • Enhances Professional image & reputation of the institution within the community.
  • 50% reduction in the manual works by teachers and admin staff due to the automation of all processes.
  • Effective FEE Collection as a system automatically sends SMS & Email besides through push notification through App to all defaulters.
  • Facilitates Institutes to make well-informed decisions quickly as Dashboard Drilldown Reports made available for top management.

Admission Schedule

Application forms will be issued from January during working hours of the school.

Kindergarten admissions are also made on Vijayadhasami.

Information regarding the last date for submission of the completed application forms will be stated in the forms. However, the same can be rechecked with the school administration department at the time of application.