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Chairman's Message

Education is not merely gathering degree certificates, but the modification of an individual's personality.

The holistic development of each child can strengthen the social, cultural, political, and economic order of the nation.

Education at Vijay Vikas aims not only at churning out success stories but also endeavors to make our pupils sensitive and humane, to reach out towards love and service.

Mr. M.Kalaiselvan


Vice Chairman & Correspondent's Message

Education is the way to modernization and it is a necessity of human life.

School is the place where children learn to understand the social and natural environment. Vijay Vikas prepares them to enter into the harsh realities of social living with confidence and awareness.

The vision, mission, and motto of our school will reflect on the society through our students.

We make them literate, instill knowledge as well as wisdom to guide them in their journey towards a bright and prosperous future.


Vice Chairman & Correspondent

Treasurer's Message

Great thinkers define education as the process of socialization through transformation of culture, norms, values, attitudes folklore, art, literature, linguistics, mode of living, divine and profane, right and wrong from one generation to the next.

Our aim is to create a group of citizens who possess modern knowledge, high morality, respect for social values, and our rich cultural legacy.



Principal's Message

It is indeed a great pride and honor to be the head of Vijay Vikas International School. This blossoming institution Enjoys justifiable reputation among the schools in and around the district for its quality, education is interwoven with discipline.

I strive to steer this institution, keeping in mind that harmonious development of the body, mind and soul of an individual by especting his or her uniqueness is the only path to enduring success.

Mr.Francis Madalaimuthu


Administrative Director's Message

The philosophy that Vijay Vikas International school abides by is to ensure an educational environment that is child-centered.

Scholastic and Co-Scholastic activities are balanced to provide overall development thus enabling a child to blossom into a confident adult in the long run.

We believe this holistic approach broadens and deepens the educational process. It represents the planned approach that encourages personal responsibility.

Mr.K. Rajasekaran MCA

Administrative Director

Admission Schedule

Application forms will be issued from January during working hours of the school.

Kindergarten admissions are also made on Vijayadhasami.

Information regarding the last date for submission of the completed application forms will be stated in the forms. However, the same can be rechecked with the school administration department at the time of application.